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In this site, you’ll find information about our sites and activities. As well as the site guide and a huge range of other information, you can actively contribute by:

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Visiting pilots

Visiting pilots are very welcome to fly most of the Long Mynd sites. All pilots flying our sites must be British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA) members (or members of an equivalent foreign organisation) as this includes insurance to cover injuries to other pilots or damage to property. Before flying, please read our sites guide and speak to a committee member, club coach or experienced local pilot about bottom landings, local conditions, airspace, etc. You can find details of our club coaches on the coaching pages. Why not join the LMSC if you fly our sites regularly?

Please note: if you are not an LMSC member, there is a £3 per day fee for flying the Long Mynd at weekends and bank holidays. You can pay the fee online by clicking here. After paying site management costs, the rest of this fee goes to the air ambulance.

Many LMSC pilots also fly Long Mountain. This is not an LMSC site, but it is within our area. There is a £5 site fee for flying here. Pay this online here.


For information on local weather, go to our weather page.

Air ambulance

Contribute to our local air ambulance at Midlands Air Ambulance

Want to learn to fly?

We are a club of qualified pilots and do not train people wanting to learn to fly. However, there are local schools who will be happy to teach you to fly, or give you tandem lessons. Please see our Schools page for more details.

Contact the club

Email secretary [at] longmynd.org or see the Committee page for a full list of email addresses.

Recent announcements
  • Mynd weather station Sorry, but the weather station data is wrong now, stuck on the 21st at 22.19, so the overlaid data on the cams is wrong, though the web cam images are correct. I'll get it fixed asap. Anyway, it's mostly west the rest of this week. See the forum for updated forecasts. I'm told the Mynd was really good today (as was Corndon yesterday).

  • I'm considering a 3 hour drive to the Malverns tomorrow. I'm not too familiar with this place, last time I went there the wind changed direction as I arrived. I see most forecasts are giving 9 mph I'm guessing this is the usual surface forecast, but I'd be happy for a hour if it eases off in the afternoon. Anyone with a similar idea for tomorrow?

  • Bursaries from Royal Aero Club These are grants to help young people learn to fly. They're available to UK Citizens, resident in UK, and aged 14-21, and worth up to £1000. Prospective HG/PG pilots can apply, as well as other flying disciplines. See http://www.royalaeroclubtrust.org/bursaries

  • Air Ambulance - money raised from BBQ The Midlands Air Ambulance provides an essential service for us, and has been called out on numerous occasions to flying accidents at LMSC sites. As most people know, it's a charity, not state-funded, and costs around £6.5 million a year to keep it going, so we hold regular events to raise money for it. The recent LMSC barbecue raised £1040 - for the first time this year, as a one-off, we split the money, with £720 going to the Air Ambulance, and the rest to Cancer Research, since a few of our members recently have been treated for cancer. But this isn't the first time we've raised over £1000 - we've also raised it twice before, combining BBQ money with the money from the two winter Uplift social events that we ran. This is all on top of other, smaller, fund raising - for example, some of the money raised via the Mynd site fees also goes to the Air Ambulance. So it's well worth supporting any social events we organise - not just because they can be great fun, but also because they go to a cause which is incredibly important to all of us.

  • Tuesdays mini XC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XO_-hZk9Z8&feature=youtu.be

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Long Mynd webcam

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